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Trails Update
By Jan Brown, Trails Committee Communications Leader & Joanne Kittel, Development Committee and Amanda Trail Leader

One of the joys of working on and walking our trails is how aware it keeps us of the changes and rhythms of the seasons. Autumn is a dynamic time. As it progresses, winds shift; new scents permeate the air. Many animals, insects, fish and birds, (as well as Trails Crew summer-only residents) are on the move. The faded dryness of summer gives way to misty forests and fall rains. Those rains bring fresh new growth – mushrooms and fungi of all shapes and sizes pop up overnight. Far from dying off, the world is full of magical transmutations.

It’s a time when our trails and YIPS! work changes as well. Our focus turns to clearing away spent annuals, new plantings in areas that have been cleared and reclaimed for habitat, and… readying the Amanda trail for the City’s annual New Year’s Day Peace Hike!

Each year the Peace Hike continues to grow and has become a not-to-be-missed tradition for many in our community and beyond. It takes many volunteers to put all the pieces together and planning begins this month. If you are interested in getting involved and contributing your time and ideas, please contact any of the Trails Committee leaders listed below. Planning notices will also go out to everyone on our e-mail contact list.
Help is also needed this month for the return of Rainshadow Running’s Oregon Coast 30K and 50K races taking place in Yachats, October 10 and 11. The Trails Committee's shifts (both Saturday and Sunday) will run from 9:30-12:30, and from 12:30 to 4:00. To sign up to work the volunteer aid station at the summit of Cape Perpetua, contact Lauralee at 541.547.3640 or lsven@peak.org.  You can find complete details about this event at http://www.rainshadowrunning.com/oregon-coast-50k--30k.html#course.
YIPS! (Yachats Invasive Plants Subcommittee) News - Next time you are in the area of the picnic shelter behind the Commons, take a look at the amazing progress that is being made against blackberry and other invasive marauders that, over time, had taken over land on the eastern side of the wetland park. After removing all we could by hand we are now in the process of tilling the remaining growth under, removing all roots, laying down weed cloth and covering the area with mulch. This will be left for two growing seasons to ensure no new growth occurs. We’ll also begin to restore habitat with native plantings in the cleared areas. Special thanks go out to Will Williams for his thorough and professional job of tilling and leveling the space. Volunteer turnout has been exceptional throughout the project but additional hands are always welcome. If you have questions about this project or weeds in general you can contact Wally (541-547-5474) or Don (541-961-6695) for additional information.

Upcoming Trails, YIPS! and Related Events
The Yachats Trails Crew meets on the first Saturday of each month and the YIPS! Crew on the third Saturday, both from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. There are always a wide variety of tasks for all levels of interest so come join in the fun. We guarantee you a warm appreciative welcome and a friendly social get-together to celebrate our accomplishments at the end.  
October 3rd (Saturday) 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.: Trails Crew work event. (Location TBA)
October 10th  & 11th – Oregon Coast 50K race (see article and volunteer time slots above)
October 17th (Saturday) 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m .: YIPS! Crew work event. (Location TBA) 

For more information on Trails and YIPS! activities, and to sign up for the mail list, contact any one of us:
        Lauralee Svendsgaard, Chair, Yachats Trails Committee at 541.547.3640 or lsven@peak.org
        Joanne Kittel, Leader, Development Committee & Amanda Trail at 541.547.3144 or jnkittel@peak.org
        Loren Dickinson, Leader, Trails Crew at 541-547-4559 or loren.dickinson@gmail.com
        Wally Orchard, Leader, YIPS! at 541.547.5474 or worchard@peak.org
        Jan Brown, Leader, Communications at 541.547.4927 or espressobrown@gmail.com

Click here for brochure on invasive species