The rustic little building at the corner of Third and Pontiac Streets in Yachats has been a part of this coastal community for generations.

Built in the shape of a cross from local timber hauled down the Yachats River, the Little Log Church was completed and dedicated in 1930. It was served by ministers from the Oregon Conference of the Evangelical Church, and later by pastors from the Presbyterian Church. When the congregation grew too large for the little building, members built a new church a few blocks away, and the Little Log Church and property was sold to the Oregon Historical Society on the condition it be maintained as a museum. The site was deeded to the city of Yachats in 1986.

The building underwent a complete restoration in 1993, made possible by enthusiastic community support and the loving hands of volunteer workers.

Today the Little Log Church Museum houses a rich treasure of local historical artifacts as well as contemporary works on loan as exhibits. It is still regularly used for weddings, memorials, and special events in addition to fine arts exhibits.


Little Log Church and Museum
By Mary Crook, Events Coordinator

The garden at the Little Log Church and Museum is exceptionally beautiful in September.  As I sit in the museum on Sunday afternoons I like to have the door open so I can better hear the sweet calls of sparrows and the eerie owlish cooing of the Eurasian Collared Doves.  Soon we slip into fall to witness the well-kept secret of our beautiful Yachats October afternoons.

In keeping with what has now become an annual tradition, we will again host our “Blessing of the Animals” in the Saint Francis Garden at the LLC&M.  Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 5th at 3:00 p.m. for a brief gathering and blessing of our domestic and wild creatures.  We will, of course, invite our local firehouse goats as well as the muttly assortment of friends who help make our lives complete.  Rumor has it there may be a larger beast present; you’ll just have to come by to see who shows up.
The animal blessing takes place beside the sculpture of Saint Francis of Assisi, whose feast day is October 4th.  The sculpture was carved by local artist Brian McEneny of Seal Rock.  Brian is most well-known for his beautiful sculptures of whales, dolphins and seals.  There is a sculpture of a sea lion on our grounds that was given to us years ago by the Yachats Lionesses, and designated to be a tactile piece for the visually impaired.  Saint Francis posed a different kind of challenge for Brian, as it was the first human he had done in a long, long time.  He did a stunning job with the piece of western red cedar, and it is quite an attraction.  Francis holds a small bowl (probably intended to hold food offerings for any of God’s creature’s great or small that may stop by).  Sometimes we find a collection of pennies and other coins in the bowl, and we do appreciate the fund raising Francis has done over the years. 

So if you would like to come by on Sunday, October 5th at 3:00 p.m. to have an animal blessed, or just to witness this special occasion, please do so.  If your animal is not able to join us, a photograph will do just fine; many animals are honored in absentia.  It is sure to be a re-barkable afternoon.

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