The rustic little building at the corner of Third and Pontiac Streets in Yachats has been a part of this coastal community for generations.

Built in the shape of a cross from local timber hauled down the Yachats River, the Little Log Church was completed and dedicated in 1930. It was served by ministers from the Oregon Conference of the Evangelical Church, and later by pastors from the Presbyterian Church. When the congregation grew too large for the little building, members built a new church a few blocks away, and the Little Log Church and property was sold to the Oregon Historical Society on the condition it be maintained as a museum. The site was deeded to the city of Yachats in 1986.

The building underwent a complete restoration in 1993, made possible by enthusiastic community support and the loving hands of volunteer workers.

Today the Little Log Church Museum houses a rich treasure of local historical artifacts as well as contemporary works on loan as exhibits. It is still regularly used for weddings, memorials, and special events in addition to fine arts exhibits.


Little Log Church and Museum
By Mary Crook, Events Coordinator

If you have passed by the Little Log Church recently you may have noticed something missing. Last month one of our large shore pines had to be removed. The planter box it was placed in years ago was literally bursting at the seams. The LLC&M Board had to decide whether to remove the box and landscape around the tree or have another box-cum-bench built to accommodate the tree’s expanding girth. But first it had to be determined whether the tree’s root system could withstand such an ambitious overhaul. We contacted a local certified arborist, who in turn consulted with a colleague of considerable experience, and they made several visits to the grounds. They determined the shore pine was seriously compromised, and recommended the tree be taken down. In view of the fact we had already lost two shore pines in major storms a few years ago, we decided to be pro-active and take immediate steps to remove the tree before it succumbed to the forces of hard rain and high winds.

The stump and planter box will be removed and hauled away and our landscape gardeners will help us decide upon a suitable replacement at the site.

In addition, our grounds inspection also revealed a tree that was diseased and some deadwood in several areas that needed to be cleared away. All will be completed in due time, and our lovely garden will be refreshed, inviting, and in good health.

We’ll keep you apprised of our progress.

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Director: Karl Christianson.

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