The rustic little building at the corner of Third and Pontiac Streets in Yachats has been a part of this coastal community for generations.

Built in the shape of a cross from local timber hauled down the Yachats River, the Little Log Church was completed and dedicated in 1930. It was served by ministers from the Oregon Conference of the Evangelical Church, and later by pastors from the Presbyterian Church. When the congregation grew too large for the little building, members built a new church a few blocks away, and the Little Log Church and property was sold to the Oregon Historical Society on the condition it be maintained as a museum. The site was deeded to the city of Yachats in 1986.

The building underwent a complete restoration in 1993, made possible by enthusiastic community support and the loving hands of volunteer workers.

Today the Little Log Church Museum houses a rich treasure of local historical artifacts as well as contemporary works on loan as exhibits. It is still regularly used for weddings, memorials, and special events in addition to fine arts exhibits.

Little Log Church and Museum
By Mary Crook, Events Coordinator

One of our most popular displays at the Little Log Church and Museum is the stunning Alice Stein Collection of sea shells that is showcased in the center of the museum.

In 1964 Alice and her husband began traveling around the world. With each trip they brought home treasures from the seas in the form of sea shells as mementoes of their travels. Over the years they visited the Gulf States, Hawaii, Australia, Indonesia, other south pacific islands, and more. They were able to bring home everything from gigantic conchs and jewel box oysters to tiny limpets and biscuit sand dollars. They managed to carefully pack home even the most fragile of shells. One of my favorites is the Venus Comb – a delicate spiny looking critter that reminds me of something mermaids might use to groom their long flowing hair.

Alice had so many shells she started the Shell Museum at Ten Mile Creek, south of Yachats. She donated parts of her collection to schools and libraries and to various Universities around the country. About ten years ago she asked the LLC&M if we might be interested in some of her collection. Since one of the goals of the museum is to display artwork and collections of local residents, we responded with an enthusiastic “yes!” Little did our curator, Karl Christianson, realize the work that would be involved in preparing the collection for display.

With Alice’s help and myriad shell reference books, Karl was able to identify each shell, note the common name, scientific name, and where it was found. The project continued long after Alice passed away, and Karl spent hours each Thursday in the organization and placement of each piece. Karl numbered each of the 250 shells and created a coordinating list so visitors could find information about any shell in the collection. Finally, after one year of Thursdays, the display was finished.

We’re glad the Stein Collection has been such a successful attraction, where visitors of all ages can enjoy a trip around the world in one small space. Stop in a take a look!


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