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Yachats Public Library
By Janet Rackleff

Mystery is probably our most popular genre at the library.  I enjoy wonderful Nordic writers such as Henning Mankell and love the moody, dark novels of Benjamin Black.  Both these writers also produce excellent regular fiction - Black under his real name of John Banville, the Booker prize winner.  As far as I know though, the Canadian writer Louise Penny has only written mysteries and she is extremely good at them.  Her series with Inspector Gamache is set in Quebec and I would recommend all of them.  The ninth, "How the Light Gets In", is, I think, her best so far.

The title is taken from a Leonard Cohen song Anthem: "There's a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in."  The story starts out with many cracks. There's a broken relationship with Gamache's former deputy, who has transferred to the command of Gamache's arch rival, Francoeur. He is an unscrupulous, corrupt and manipulative man working to take control of the Surete, but also has a far reaching, monstrously evil plan which Gamache is trying to comprehend.  Then an elderly woman is murdered who was a national celebrity in her youth and had links to a resident of Three Pines, where many of Penny's previous novels have been set.   There's also the possible suicide of a government worker who appears to have jumped off a bridge to her death.  Penny weaves all these threads together seamlessly.

We are transported to the tiny bucolic village of Three Pines and it's quirky characters, then back to big city intrigue in Montreal a number of times as the story unfolds with subtlety and intelligence. The emotional intensity is high, but the story is always well balanced. Penny's sensitive writing gives her characters great emotional depth.  The ultimate clash between the forces of good and evil takes place in Three Pines and it's difficult to guess the outcome until the last possible moment.  This is a great mystery novel that appeals to the head, heart and soul. It's a totally absorbing read. It's been a treat to see the evolution of the series and the development of Penny as a writer. There's no formula here.  Each book is different. Meanwhile, I can't wait for the latest in the series to arrive! 


The Yachats Library has joined other libraries around the state in a new program called the Oregon Library Passport Program.  This program will allow Yachats library cardholders to have access, without charge, to other participating libraries across the state.  Newport, Waldport and Florence are part of this program.  Materials borrowed from participating libraries must be returned to that library.  Learn more at www.librariesoforegon.org/passport or stop by the library for more information. 


We are pleased to announce we again have 4 functioning patron computers!  The two new ones are running Window 8.  We know many of you will be happy to hear that all computers have WORD installed.    The new printer/copier also has scanning capabilities, another function patrons have been requesting.  The touch screens on the Windows 8 computers are fun to use.  Come give it a try!  We will be glad to help you if you are new to touch screens.


The Yachats Public Library was established by Ordinance 36 in November 1973 stating "The City of Yachats does hereby establish a public library to be known as the 'Yachats Public Library' to be operated and funded by the said city and to be used for the educational and cultural benefit by the citizens of the said city in accordance with the rules and regulations of the said library."

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Volunteer Library Manager Annette Howarth Honored - July 2008


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