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Yachats Public Library
By Janet Rackleff

November at the Yachats Library

Weather's changing fast and for indoor activities, don't forget Bob Barber offers free genealogy help at the library on Wednesday mornings starting at 10am.

Also, we'd like to thank Amaterra Inc, for a generous grant to the children's room and programs. Amaterra Inc. promotes preservation and improvement of natural resources through education and development and has funded environmental books and speakers for the upcoming year.

If you need a few good reads while the rain pounds outside, here is few suggestions by library volunteer Terri Homer: The Paying Guests and The Little Stranger Two novels by Sarah Waters

The Paying Guests is set in 1922, a few years after WWI when all levels of British society were facing the devastating aftermath of the Great War. A time when it seemed that every family either had suffered at least one death of a father, son or brother and many other families welcomed home survivors with incredible physical and/or mental disabilities. The protagonists in this particular novel are a lesbian couple. Many of Ms. Waters’ novels do involve lesbian relationships and the author herself claims not to mind being considered a ‘lesbian writer’. But, she also feels that a lesbian relationship is only one of many themes included in her works. She deftly deals with universal themes of life in historical British society including poverty, social class structure, and the devastating effects of war, among many issues. The entire second half of The Paying Guests carefully develops a tense and thrilling story of an unplanned murder, the subsequent investigation into the murder and the trial that results. Ms. Waters’ extraordinary ability to accurately depict the setting of the trial as well as to maintain a constant high level of suspense draws the reader in to such a degree as to not want to put the book down until it is finished.

The Little Stranger, set in England a few years after WWII, is an old fashioned ghost story.  In post war Britain (in the immediate years after WWI and WWII), many of the ‘landed gentry’ class found themselves unable to care for the enormous mansions that had been in their family for generations. Such is the case for the members of the family in this novel. Due to illness and changing economic times, they can barely maintain their behemoth of a home. Yet they insist on continuing to live there as it slowly deteriorates all around them and takes on a malevolent life of its own. As the story unfolds, the author challenges the reader to differentiate between psychological madness due to posttraumatic stress and the occurrence of supernatural phenomena. The main character, a physician and a friend of the family, is perhaps meant to represent the reader as a logical, analytical thinker, skeptical of the supernatural. Yet, some of the mystery cannot be entirely explained by logic and even the physician in this story faces that dilemma. The book is very intriguing and yet I’m afraid that it gave me nightmares. Read it if you dare……


The Yachats Library has joined other libraries around the state in a new program called the Oregon Library Passport Program.  This program will allow Yachats library cardholders to have access, without charge, to other participating libraries across the state.  Newport, Waldport and Florence are part of this program.  Materials borrowed from participating libraries must be returned to that library.  Learn more at www.librariesoforegon.org/passport or stop by the library for more information. 


We are pleased to announce we again have 4 functioning patron computers!  The two new ones are running Window 8.  We know many of you will be happy to hear that all computers have WORD installed.    The new printer/copier also has scanning capabilities, another function patrons have been requesting.  The touch screens on the Windows 8 computers are fun to use.  Come give it a try!  We will be glad to help you if you are new to touch screens.


The Yachats Public Library was established by Ordinance 36 in November 1973 stating "The City of Yachats does hereby establish a public library to be known as the 'Yachats Public Library' to be operated and funded by the said city and to be used for the educational and cultural benefit by the citizens of the said city in accordance with the rules and regulations of the said library."

email: yachatspl@actionnet.net

Volunteer Library Manager Annette Howarth Honored - July 2008


In the last 12 months:

Hours open to the public 1,248 (approx.)

Volunteer hours 2,477 (approx.)

Books checked out 16,629 (approx.)

More than 600 active cardholders

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