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By Janet Rackleff

Happy Holidays to all.  If you need a break from the December rush, here are 2 novel recommendations from volunteer Dave Baldwin to see you thru the end of 2014!

The Yachats Library now has two books by best-selling Swedish novelist and satirist Jonas Jonasson. Both give the reader a slightly absurd version of world history, filled with quirky characters who stumble over one another in a series of wild adventures.

Jonasson’s first novel, The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, begins when Allan Karlsson decides he doesn’t want to attend the party planned at his retirement home to celebrate his hundredth birthday. He climbs out the window of his room and finds himself standing in his slippers in a flower bed.

Allan’s mother had once told him that whatever the situation, “it was what it was, and that in the future whatever would be would be.” Allan doesn’t much regret the past and doesn’t worry much about the future. Once he is standing amongst the posies, his only thought is to start walking before Alice, the evil director of the retirement home, realizes he is missing. From that haphazard beginning Allan’s life becomes lively. He inadvertently obtains a suitcase of drug money and is chased by drug dealers and police. But he acquires friendly accomplices along the way including a highly competent petty thief, a hot-dog stand operator, an energetic farm owner called “The Beauty,” and a retired circus elephant named Sonya. (The fate of one drug thug is death by elephant.)

Interwoven with Allan’s current journey is a series of flashbacks to tell us his life story. It is filled with a dizzying array of twists and turns through twentieth century history. A demolition expert, Allan gives a helping hand to the Manhattan Project in New Mexico and changes the course of the Spanish Civil War. He also befriends Harry S. Truman, hitchhikes with Winston Churchill, infuriates Josef Stalin, walks across the Himalayas, and blows up the Russian city of Vladivostok. All without regard to governments and politics.

The humor in this book is so understated that the reader could well imagine Allan is a real historical figure and the events described are happenstances that built today’s world. The fun is in letting the imagination do what it will. [Note: The Library’s copy of The 100-Year-Old Man… is a Large Print edition.]

In Jonasson’s second novel, The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden, the period is the 1970s and South Africa is struggling to end the oppression of Apartheid. At the book’s beginning Nombeko is a black 14-year-old girl who cleans public latrines in Soweto, the slums of Johannesburg. She uses her intelligence to manipulate a management position from her white bosses. From there Nombeko launches a series of wild, whimsical adventures. Like The 100-Year-Old Man…, this novel sets improbable characters against an international background that is essentially factual. It has the same sly humor that Jonasson is known for, but the satire in The Girl Who… has a sharper edge than that of The 100-Year-Old Man...
Merry Reads and wishes for a Happy New Year



The Yachats Library has joined other libraries around the state in a new program called the Oregon Library Passport Program.  This program will allow Yachats library cardholders to have access, without charge, to other participating libraries across the state.  Newport, Waldport and Florence are part of this program.  Materials borrowed from participating libraries must be returned to that library.  Learn more at www.librariesoforegon.org/passport or stop by the library for more information. 


We are pleased to announce we again have 4 functioning patron computers!  The two new ones are running Window 8.  We know many of you will be happy to hear that all computers have WORD installed.    The new printer/copier also has scanning capabilities, another function patrons have been requesting.  The touch screens on the Windows 8 computers are fun to use.  Come give it a try!  We will be glad to help you if you are new to touch screens.


The Yachats Public Library was established by Ordinance 36 in November 1973 stating "The City of Yachats does hereby establish a public library to be known as the 'Yachats Public Library' to be operated and funded by the said city and to be used for the educational and cultural benefit by the citizens of the said city in accordance with the rules and regulations of the said library."

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