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560 West Seventh Street / PO Box 817 Yachats OR 97498

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Yachats Public Library
By Janet Rackleff

More Good Reads for the Summer

With the lazy days of summer continuing this month, we'll offer a few more reading recommendations from library volunteer Marion Godfrey:
For an entertaining summer read, try “Still Life with Bread Crumbs” by Anna Quindlen.  I am not a big fiction reader, but this held my attention from beginning to end.  It explores several themes – transitions, ageism, cultural attitudes to mental health problems, the rural/city chasm that divides American society, based around the experiences and everyday worries of an older woman photographer.  This is not 'chick-lit' though; there is strong male characterizations to make a good balanced read for anyone.

More my style, a thoroughly interesting book that is new on our shelves is called “The Remedy” by Thomas Goetz.  It is a well written informative book about the discovery of bacteria as the source of many diseases, and the battle to cure tuberculosis.  An ongoing battle, as we know.  The writer goes into some depth regarding the personalities who tackled what was at the time a horrendous and wasteful disease (I had no idea how many people died horrible deaths from TB through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries) without being gruesome.  I love to learn through my reading, thus my personal interest in non-fiction, and this book was most satisfying – informative without being dull, full of famous personalities (including Arthur Conan Doyle and how Sherlock was created) and thought provoking about medical issues society has faced and still faces.  My kind of fun read, and possibly yours too.
And if the kids are still in town visiting, don't forget there are still two more weeks of the Summer Reading Program, Fizz Boom, Read! this month.  On August 5th we'll read and talk about Simple Machines with Dave Baldwin.  Our final program for all ages will be August 12 at 10 am in the Commons with award winning storyteller Christopher Leebrick courtesy of the Oregon College Savings Plan and the Oregon State Library System.  See you at the library!


The Yachats Library has joined other libraries around the state in a new program called the Oregon Library Passport Program.  This program will allow Yachats library cardholders to have access, without charge, to other participating libraries across the state.  Newport, Waldport and Florence are part of this program.  Materials borrowed from participating libraries must be returned to that library.  Learn more at www.librariesoforegon.org/passport or stop by the library for more information. 


We are pleased to announce we again have 4 functioning patron computers!  The two new ones are running Window 8.  We know many of you will be happy to hear that all computers have WORD installed.    The new printer/copier also has scanning capabilities, another function patrons have been requesting.  The touch screens on the Windows 8 computers are fun to use.  Come give it a try!  We will be glad to help you if you are new to touch screens.


The Yachats Public Library was established by Ordinance 36 in November 1973 stating "The City of Yachats does hereby establish a public library to be known as the 'Yachats Public Library' to be operated and funded by the said city and to be used for the educational and cultural benefit by the citizens of the said city in accordance with the rules and regulations of the said library."

email: yachatspl@actionnet.net

Volunteer Library Manager Annette Howarth Honored - July 2008


In the last 12 months:

Hours open to the public 1,248 (approx.)

Volunteer hours 2,477 (approx.)

Books checked out 16,629 (approx.)

More than 600 active cardholders

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